World Premiere of Sophia's New Dance Series

On April 8th, Sophia released the World Premiere of her new Dance Series on her Official YouTube Channel with her first video entitled, "UNSCATHED". The amazing solo is choreographed by the Emmy Award Winning, Travis Wall. Under the Artistic Direction of Ricky Palomino.

Sophia Lucia's new Dance Series will be a way for people to follow her career as a professional not as a dance competitor. You will watch as Sophia embarks on broadening her career into acting and singing. You can follow her new, original solo dances and the behind the scenes making of the videos, dancer castings, audition preparation, and her daily life.

Coming up Next in her series will be, "GLAMOURINA", a video directed and choreographed by Josie Walsh coming May 2017 with music by Jealous Angel.

UNSCATHED is Choreographed by Emmy award winning Travis Wall. Artistically Directed By Ricky Palomino. Executive producer Jaclyn Lucia. Featuring Dancers: Michael Dameski, Riley Kurilko, Josh Stevens.

Follow Sophia on Instagram: Sophialucia5678 and click here for more videos from her YouTube channel.

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